I found out the “About” section of a blog is to tell more about the blog and less about self. Oh Okay! I can do that…I am the Office Manager at a local psychological practice. I am also the usual things, (wife, mom, Mimi, friend) and a freelance writer. To be a freelance writer means, I write for free or almost free. Writing clears my mind of the clutter. I write “pensees” (thoughts) about daily life. God takes those simple thoughts and teaches me His profound lessons. I pray you will join me as we begin to see life through the Lord’s lens. Share your own “pensees” with me. You might find yours featured in the blog one day.


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  1. Love it and looking forward to it Cindy! Do I subscribe to the blog or just look it up? Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Oops! Had I scrolled all the way down, I’d have seen what I’m supposed to do…..I think.

  2. Cindy, I really enjoy everything your write. I’m pretty new at commenting on blogs and I’m never real sure what to do, so I hope I am doing this right. I get your emails, so I assume I have signed up for your blogs? I hope and pray you will keep this going, and I will spread the word about you.

  3. Thank you for your blog…since you are published {smiles}, I found your words through Google. Your comments on Miriam in Numbers (c. 2011) where/are a delightful read and I was prompted to pop over to your last/most recent post and was delighted to read your last thoughts and I began to tear…yes Lord, thank you. I need to chase my dreams again – dear Jesus, give me eyes to see the way.
    Thanks for being the messenger.

    • Hi CG, thanks for the comment on the blog, I have a taken a little breather from blogging but your nice comment inspired me to persevere in my other writing pursuits. I pray you will continue to chase your dreams. Jesus planted them in your heart. Go for it…With Gratitude, cindy m

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