To Blog Or Not to Blog???


To blog or not to blog that is the question???? corrected CMo orange

My readers, fellow bloggers, and writer friends get to decide the future of Pensees. (P.S. the other blog was Bloggy Mountain Breakdown, people didn’t read it so I decided it was a waste of valuable writing effort, I am closing it today, end of that discussion).

I need your help and a healthy dose of reality. This is an open forum for debate, it’s your turn to talk and my turn to listen. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings I am not hypersensitive and I don’t hold a grudge.

Here’s the skinny. I have not posted since January 1, 2014. This is why:

(1.) I entered a few writing contests and that took all my writing time.
(2.) I started a new job. Anything new is challenging and time-consuming.
(3.) I wrote and taught a ladies Bible Study at my church. It took several hours a week of intensive teaching preparation.
(4.) I learned that anything posted on a blog is legally published (wooohhoooo I guess that means I am published)so I can’t submit to other publications anything that already posted.

(I can hear my favorite English teacher sucking all the air out of the room because I used the passive voice at least twice in the above sentence, sorry Cecelia Johnson).

Those four things are not excuses, they are legitimate reasons.

Now my own observations and insights. Are people blogging much anymore? I notice well published and publicized authors are writing short blogs weekly. But, they are using social media to do most of their contact with their reader base. They link to their books, articles, links, etc…

Many younger women (ages 25-40) were blogging all the time about their lives, kids, jobs, husbands, and homes. From those gals I am now hearing, “I do well to check Facebook, let alone read other blogs or update my own.”

So what’s up in the world of bloggers? Do we go, do we stay?

If you don’t have time to comment via the blog, Facebook message me.

HELP, I only have an hour or two each day and few hours on the weekend to write. Do I spend it blogging or do I concentrate on larger works? Maybe I should finish the novel that is outlined and ready to write.  Or I could press on to start the memoir that is in my head (and it’s on a few post a notes all over the office)?

Anyone out there feel my pain? I look forward to hearing from each of you…

Waiting and Wondering,



About cindymmolder

I found out this "About" section is the place where I tell a "little" about me and "a lot" about the blog! Writing is therapy for me. It takes the pensees(French for thought) from my mind and gets them in print. For some reason, seemingly ordinary things form lessons in my mind. So basically, this blog consists of simple thoughts molded into life lessons. Maybe my last name is Molder because I am a Molder of Pensees. I am open to your stories and lessons also. Send them to me and you might be featured in a future blog!

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  1. So good to hear from you. Pray for you everyday. Love you. Send me your new Email, Need to get Information to you. Have you read A. B. Simpson’s bio by Albert E. Thompson? Memior sounds good. Who needs a novel? Substance for heaven we need. Gary Habermas said, we determine the level we will enjoy in heaven, what is in the vault of our heart.

  2. Follow your heart! It takes consistent faithful blogging to build a following though along with a message. Praying for God to lead you in the matter. Blessings/sc

  3. I’m in the same boat. I stopped doing a business & personal FB. I only do personal.
    My 4RV publisher requires I have a blog, probably from several years ago when people
    read blogs instead of fb. My thought is to blog when I have something to say. I
    blog about me and try to spin a little of my writing news into it–sometimes.
    That has seemed to be 2x a month during summer, and about once a month during winter.
    Doubt if more than 3 people read it. Not sure I’ll keep it up. If I had great words
    of wisdom to pass on, I would.

    I’ve read the goal is to keep your name out there. They may not read it, but people
    will say, you write a blog don’t you? I guess it works, if only marginally.

    Rita Durrett
    Author with Gilcrease Publishing, LLC
    & 4RV Publishing, LLC

    Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:53:57 +0000

  4. Cindy, all I have is a new iiPad and do not what I am doing. I do want to keep in touch so please leave me your mailing list.

  5. Coming down on the side of the readership, I’d say blog, ’cause I want to read it. Most of the bloggers I regularly follow have day jobs or other responsibilities though, so I know there is a difficulty in providing frequent material. Not a writer myself, but I see the hardship in maintaining something like this. And, if I have to choose between Cindy-writing-blog and Cindy-maybe-writing/teaching-something-I-can-study/attend, I’ll take the latter. Guess my bottom line is that I’ll read what you write.

  6. Hi Cindy,

    I have always enjoyed your blog. So well written and timely. 🙂 But you need to do what the Lord is calling you to do with your time and talents.

    What is your new job? Are you still at the church?

    I could not get over the pictures you posted of the twins on Facebook. I taught those guys at BSF when they were 2 year olds! Time flies!

    Take care my friend. Danna

    • Cindy, I will selfishly say….BLOG, BLOG, BLOG! Even if sporadically, it is bound to keep your writer juices flowing and I so love your writing. You are an enhancement to my life (and I’m sure to many others), precious friend. God knows what He’s doing. .

  7. I’ve faced the same quandry with Days of Living Aimlessly. Very few people read it. Almost no one engages me as author with comments or questions or even arguments. I’ve got plenty of other writing to do. Yet I keep the blog and post to it, though infrequently, because 1. it is a good platform from which to broadcast my ‘brand’ that will, hopefully, lead readers to my other work, 2. it is good writing practice, 3. one day I will codify all those errant posts into some semblance or order and make them a book of essays that very few people will ever read. I will do this because I am confident in my own voice and opinions. They must be good, else someone would take exception to them. Good luck, whatever you choose.

  8. Cindy, I always enjoyed reading your Pensees posts and would love for you to continue. They read for me like short encouraging devotionals. But I will also say that I am not one to actively pursue or follow bloggers. My daughter-in-law on the other hand does enjoy following different blogs as a way to connect. I guess in part the question is, what is your primary purpose for blogging? Is it mostly for you to write or for others to read? I am praying for you as you discern how to use your wonderful gift!
    What is this new job you started? I looked at the GCC website and didn’t see you. Take care friend!

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