Get Back in the Game


My son is a college basketball coach. He’s coached many incredible student athletes while at Oklahoma Wesleyan University  One outstanding male athlete stands out in my mind; his name is Sadiel Rojas. Sadiel is better known as “Lito” to his friends and fans. He helped lead the team to a national championship three years ago. He is a fast, agile, intuitive, high jumping, offensive/defensive powerhouse who even shoots the three-point shot with accuracy. After  college, he started playing professional ball, working his way up through the leagues with the NBA as his goal. But I received an email this week that said he had been badly injured while playing ball and the email requested prayer. Attached to the prayer request was this link:

When I watched it, I was shocked to see Lito take a hard fall, landing flat on his back. He was doing well in the game, then he jumped  toward the rim, was knocked off-balance and came down landing directly on his spine . He was diagnosed with three breaks. He should make a full recovery and return to play but it was a shock to see him go down when he was playing so well.  As I watched the video several times it seemed like it was an ordinary fast paced game.  He was into it , the pacing, the running, the rebounding, offense, defense, team work, individual scoring and team camaraderie. But…all it took was one second to change everything for Sadiel and now temporarily he’s out of the game.

That’s a lot like life. We’re playing the game. You know, we are getting up, going to work, daily back and forth. We show up, compete, enjoy the pace, win some, lose some, and if , we are not looking, something knocks our feet out from under us and everything changes.

So how does one recover from these hard falls? What do we do when the game suddenly changes and we find ourselves down and out for a season?

If we look closely at 2 Timothy, this verse gives us a clue.  2 Timothy 2:5 says, “If anyone competes as an athlete he does not win the prize unless he competes according to the rules.”

When we get knocked down for a season, we have to get up and get back on our feet. To win the prize we must compete and in order to compete, WE MUST GET BACK  IN THE GAME! 

What situation has taken you out for a season? What steps will you take to get back on your feet? When will you get back in the game?

Heavenly Father, You are Lord over each detail of our lives. Pick us up from where we have been knocked down and please put us back in the game. For our greatest desire is to win the game for You! In Jesus Name, Amen


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