Young and Old, Past, Present, Future


As you might imagine, I’ve read a lot of blogs lately. I noticed one thing immediately, there is a distinct difference between the way a “younger” person writes and the way an “older” person writes.

The younger crowd writes about today. They share with the world what they “are” doing, the big things, the small things, their challenges, their victories and lots of daily details. The older crowd writes more about yesterday. They share with a select few what they “have” done and mostly it’s the bigger things. Young people say, “Some day I’m gonna…” but the older crowd says, “I  remember when…”

When did it happen?  When did my “some day I’m gonna,” turn into “I remember when?” I had a birthday this month and there is nothing like a year being added to your age. It makes you pause, ponder, and plan. Even though I am blessed with numerous “I remember whens…” I want to be sure and have lots of “some day I’m gonnas.”

Psalm 103:15-16, “As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. When the wind has passed over it, it is no more.”

Life is short. We must remember the past, live in today, and dream of tomorrow. Lord, teach us how to live.


About cindymmolder

I found out this "About" section is the place where I tell a "little" about me and "a lot" about the blog! Writing is therapy for me. It takes the pensees(French for thought) from my mind and gets them in print. For some reason, seemingly ordinary things form lessons in my mind. So basically, this blog consists of simple thoughts molded into life lessons. Maybe my last name is Molder because I am a Molder of Pensees. I am open to your stories and lessons also. Send them to me and you might be featured in a future blog!

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  1. I do remember when we were neighbors and much more….. Happy Birthday by the way. You have such great thoughts. Not sure how this blog stuff works, but always glad to hear from you.

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